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    Your employees will have an unforgettable experience which is tailored to your specific needs

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      Learning is an experience

      Classic ODT Activity

      This activity takes from several hours and up to two days of learning via a set of various exercises, structured and customized to the day's defined objectives. Each exercise lasts for 30 minutes up until an hour and is conducted and observed, either by Ksharim’s experienced group instructors, or the organizational consultant supporting the group.
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      Learning is an experience

      The Detectives

      This is a competitive detective game in which different teams are requested to solve a murder mystery and at the same time are required to cooperate between themselves in order to open a treasure chest. The game continues for several hours in which the teams move around the activity area and near vicinity in their vehicles or convene for an inter-team activity, where they accumulate hints and points which will enable them to solve the mystery and win the prize.
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      Learning is an experience

      Cooking Workshop

      This activity builds a business initiative through the experience of establishing a restaurant. The participants are divided into teams and each team receives a table with a number of products: a variety of meats, fruit, vegetables, pastas, spices etc. The team is defined as a group of experts who will be operating this restaurant. The teams are required to determine the character of the restaurant, its specialty, their decisions regarding the work approach and of course to prepare the dishes to be served. At the end of the workshop the participants will be invited to eat the food they have prepared.
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      Learning is an experience

      The Rescue

      The "Rescue" is a two-hour active, diverse and challenging activity which emphasizes the idea of "everyone in the same boat". The teams receive appropriate equipment, a blueprint for building a raft and an explanation about the assignment: They will sail along the river where various intellectual and technical assignments will be waiting for the them at various points en route.
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      Learning is an experience

      Action Poker

      This strategic game integrates various skills and team building activity. The participants are divided into competing groups, that move between the various stations within the park, where at each station a unique, challenging and enjoyable assignment is waiting for them. The winning team is the team which solves all the assignments and obtains the best "hand".
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      Learning is an experience

      Community Project

      This activity integrates an assignment with resources management while contributing to the community: strategic and tactical vision, assignment-based, time and resource management, team work Interfaces. In this unique model the contribution to the community is added to the experiential learning during an organizational development process the highlight of which is the contribution to the community activity day, while collaborating with the welfare departments of the municipality in which it is executed.
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      Learning is an experience

      Shaman’s Journey

      An activity of self-discovery and deepening of interpersonal relationships. Just before darkness, in a distant corner of the forest, we will meet a very different type of experience... We will start with a joint meeting sitting around the bonfire with refreshments of coffee and herbal tea, during which we will receive an explanation about another world – the word of the Native American Indians.
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      Learning is an experience

      Sheep Herding

      An activity which enables examination and handling of unfamiliar situations and leadership abilities. In this exercise each team will be required to lead a herd of sheep on a defined route from one pen to another. The team leaders can choose whether to handle the situation individually, each according to their skills (existing or anticipated) as a shepherd or whether to purchase knowledge and the use of a professional shepherd – not an inexpensive option but perhaps worth it.
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      Learning is an experience

      Ksharim provides your employees with a unique experience

      Ksharim – Learning is an experience

      Ksharim operates outdoor and indoor experiential learning activities for companies and organizations in Israel and throughout the world with experience
      managing workshops in North America, Europe and the Far East.

      Ksharim was founded my Izhar Arad in 2005. Our professional team cconsists of people from a variety of fields and backgrounds including behavioral scientists, practical management on various levels in businesses, outdoor training facilitators and field personnel

      Ksharim's workshops focus on: leadership, interpersonal communication, employee motivation, management styles, creativity, planning vs execution, internal and external organizational collaboration...and all this through enjoyable team building activities.

      We collaborate with various organizational consultancy firms and our programs constitute an integral part of their long term customer planning.

      Our team of instructors have considerable training and experience in running activities and workshops independently or together with an organizational consultant.

      We, at Ksharim, believe that team building and enjoyable activities are most effective when combined with personal and group experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

      We have developed unique programs and activities to enable participants to gain the most from their experiences.

      Experience something unique

      A challenging learning experience for companies and organizations that will facilitate positive change


      We will take your employees on a meaningful and fun journey that they will never forget!
      Send us your details now and let's connect

        Ksharim ODT Specialists

        6 Great Reasons to work with us



        Established in 2005, we have conducted hundreds of activities over the years. Our staff is experienced, professional and attentive and we adhere to strict codes of conduct and safety regulations.


        We Care

        Everyone and everything is important to us. We are well aware that what may be a minor detail to someone may be very significant to another. You are important and we listen.



        The location of the activity can be adjusted according to your convenience. The activities can be held in any suitable venue, be that on a field or in an air-conditioned hall, in Israel or abroad. (We have worked in India, the USA, Turkey, China, Thailand etc.).


        OVER ALL

        We can take care of everything! Meals, transport, coordination, accommodation and anything else that may rob you of valuable time.


        Group size flexibility

        Our group activities cater for a wide range of sizes and requirements, from 6 participants to literally hundreds at a time (We have even facilitated an activity for 800 people in five different sites concurrently).



        At Ksharim we are focused on tailoring the activities according to what is important to you. We invest time in fully understanding your goals and paying attention to all the concerns that may arise and providing solutions.

        Workshops and other great learning experiences

        We are Ksharim

        We will make sure your employees have a memorable and exciting day | Hurry and leave us your details

          Experiential and Teambuilding Workshops

          Our photo gallery

          Ksharim offers indoor and outdoor experiential learning activities for companies and organizations in Israel and abroad including the US, Europe, Asia and the Far East. Ksharim provides a wide variety of activities at different venues around Israel that are individually tailored to the customer's needs.

          Read our customer recommendations!

          My recommendation:

          It was great event!

          I loved the team spirit and chance I got to know each one of the lead team better. I'm sure it will improve the "real work" interaction between us

          Thanks to the organizers

          Qualcomm Group Manager

          My recommendation:

          From our perspective and the feedbacks we got from the participants, the activities contributed to the integration of the team and supported the process of setting strategies and more. It was very fruitful and enjoyable...



          My recommendation:

          The workshop was simply amazing, and was better than any expectation that we had. We arrived with high expectations, following fantastic recommendations that we received from two consultants who work with the organization: Ronit Drori (who introduced us) and Gali Ben Shalom (who has known of your work for many years). The experience that we experienced during the workshop was important and fruitful.

          I will be happy to recommend you to any organization, and also to continue to use your services in the future.


          B'Terem Organization for the Safety of Children

          My recommendation:

          It was excellent. Itay was great. We enjoyed the content and the pampering. Thank you for everything,


          Union Bank

          My recommendation:

          I must thank you again and let you know that it was simply wonderful, invaluable and in particular professional.



          My recommendation:

          I was surprisingly impressed by the method. Over and above the method, Izhar’s facilitation was wonderful, we could learn in practice how the term "enabling" indeed enables so much from so many and in such a short time.

          Another question – can we get from Izhar some more "insights" about us as a group and as individuals, what in his opinion do we need to improve, etc.


          VP Research and Policy, B'Terem Organization for the Safety of Children

          My recommendation:

          I just wanted you to know that there were excellent feedbacks from the workshop at Maxima. At the end of the day the people reported on a significant and enjoyable experience and positive echoes were heard throughout the entire organization about the workshop.

          The second session is already waiting... Have a great day!



          My recommendation:

          The overall organization of the day was of a high standard, taking into consideration all the details, and caused the day to be utilized in full and achieve the objective – and for this we thank you.


          Comverse MIS Testing Section

          My recommendation:

          There is no doubt that each participant and the entire organization "gained" something from this activity day – as far as we are concerned the objective was achieved.


          Human Resources Manager AVT

          Experiential and Teambuilding Workshops

          Get to know our amazing team

          Ksharim was established by Izhar Arad in 2005. Our professional team consists of people from a variety of fields, including behavioral sciences, business managers, outdoor training group facilitators and field personnel. Ksharim aims to always be the leader in this field and to contribute significantly to learning outcomes and customer satisfaction.

          Izhar Arad : CEO and Founder

          Izhar is a facilitator for dynamic groups on behalf of Bar Ilan University. He is formerly a member of the rescue unit in Ramat HaGolan and leads rafting trips. He is a great lover of man and nature.

          Avi Meiri (Magi) : Guide, Facilitator and Instructor

          Avi has been in the field for over 20 years. He is an instructor at the Playback Theater and also works in community social development but above all he is a funny and talented man.

          Shimon Bachar : Guide, Facilitator and Instructor

          Instructor and leader of groups in Israel and abroad. Graduate of the Department of Israeli Studies and Ecology at Beit Berl College. He is also a very experienced coach in the field of health and fitness.

          Hadar Keren Zvi : Facilitator and Instructor

          Hadar Keren Zvi holds a bachelor's degree with honors in psychology and human resources from the University of Haifa. He has completed many teaching and group facilitation programs specializing in multicultural groups and has been involved in education and leadership programs for years. An exceptional facilitator and developer of experiential learning programs in organizations, social and educational systems.

          Experiential and Teambuilding Workshops

          Join our list of satisfied clients

          Terem Managers

          We thank you and all the managers and people responsible who initiated, donated, and volunteered for this community project for children's clubs and a day center for the elderly in Nazareth. Our appreciation and respect for all the work done in these facilities and for the generous donations that delighted the children and employees alike. We wish you fruitful and successful work in the future and we hope to continue our partnership.

          Microsoft – STU Division

          Dear Izhar, good morning. Thank you very much. To this day people are still talking about you in the hallways of Microsoft. We really enjoyed it! I am sure that we will continue to use your services in the future. Good day, Almog

          Director of the Certification Course, Training Division - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

          I would like to thank you and Itai for an interesting, fascinating, instructive and, above all, fun and routine-breaking workshop that we were privileged to experience under your guidance and instruction. Congratulations and good luck for the future.

          Human Resources Service Manager - King International

          Thank you, Itai, for the ODT activities. I got great feedback from the managers. We all really enjoyed them and found them really instructive. Hopefully, we'll take the opportunity to discuss the strengths, challenges, and lessons discovered through the activities. Esther Hertz

          Optimum Consulting Company

          I wanted you to know that there was excellent feedback from the workshop at Maxima. In the summary of the day people reported that they had a meaningful and enjoyable experience and had excellent things to say about the workshop and your organization. Round B is already in the cards ... Have a wonderful day.

          MIS Testing Section Comverse

          On behalf of the MIS Testing Section, Comverse, I would like to thank you for a successful and fruitful teambuilding day organized by you. The tasks were fun, challenging, solidifying and instructive. The guides were professional and pleasant and created a great atmosphere. The overall organization of the day was excellent and thought given to all the details which contributed to achieving all the goals set out, and for that we are grateful.

          Bertelsmann Stiftung

          I would like to sincerely thank you for leading the Outdoor Training so exceptionally well with the participants of the German-Israeli Young Leaders Exchange. The feedback of the participants was all positive. The lessons learned during the ODT will impact our young leaders surely also after the end of the module. It might even help them become better leaders, taking a second before jumping to conclusions and letting other voices be heard to achieve better results. You managed the whole learning process exceptionally well. Let me also thank you personally for adapting to our wishes and for creating the space for deep and meaningful learning experiences. I wish you all the best and I am looking forward talking to you again soon! Warmly, Dr. Markus Gick, Senior Project Manager - Programm Lebendige Werte

          National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi)

          Greetings Izhar, I find it a pleasant duty to thank you and your brother (with or without quotation marks) and the Ksharim team, for the instructive workshop you gave to the employees of the Legal Bureau of the National Insurance Institute. The challenging game required most of the participants in the seminar, to be involved actively and vigorously, which is not an easy feat. The efficient organization of the game, despite the large number of participants, and the difficulties of the place and the poor air conditioning, did not leave spectators silent on the side. On the contrary, most of the employees were happy to participate, responded to the challenge, and were directly exposed to insights and messages. I was happy to find quick and relevant links to the topics on the agenda, during the seminars and during the game, and even more so that I heard a great conversation between the employees regarding the insights to be learned from the game and its results. There is no doubt in my heart that your professionalism and early assessments, combined with your friendliness and the pleasant processes, contributed a lot to the success. It was obvious that you yourself enjoyed the activity and this contributed to its success! Thank you very much, and of course we will be happy to recommend you! Regards, Amos Rosenzweig Adv. Legal Adviser

          The Open University

          Thanks for a fun day waiting and also the learning. You met expectations and even exceeded them. The responses we received were amazing and the whole team enjoyed and came back with many experiences and talked about the amazing scenery of nature and delicious and enjoyable food. So thank you again. Anat Gur Operations and Projects Manager External Studies Program


          First of all a huge thank you for the last two OTDs - they were great! Glad we get to work together - as you can see I never forget a good man. Thanks, Adi Wilensky Training and Organizational Development

          HR Manager - AVT

          Beyond the pleasure of the day (which was clear to us that this was an integral part of the day) the goal for the teambuilding was learning - and indeed there was learning. The tokens went down slowly but surely as well as the insights. Also it was clear that there was a professional and experienced process of how to reach and the goal and manage all the group dynamics. The procedure used to process the activity that allowed the group to come together and think was extremely significant. Izhar was able to navigate the group, reflect and give feedback, ask the right questions and give lots of food for thought to each participant. There is no doubt that each of the participants "received" something from this day of activity as well as the entire organization - for us the goal was achieved.


          I loved the team spirit and the chance I got to know each one of the lead team better. I’m sure it will improve the “real work” interaction between us. Thanks to the organizers. Group Manager

          B'Terem Organization

          As I told you orally at the end of the activity, the workshop was just amazing, surpassing any expectation we had. We arrived with very high expectations due to outstanding recommendations we received from two consultants who work with the organization. The experience we had during the workshop was very important and fulfilling. Our team is a strong team who knows how to work together, and has known each other for years. It is not easy to facilitate activities with us but your personality, skills and the way you work, directly contributed to the success of the activity. The workshop opened up the group in general and each person took away something valuable that can be practiced in order to be more successful. It also increased the motivation to engage in these topics. I would be happy to recommend you to any organization, and continue to use your services in the future.
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